Astrology is the Language of the Stars!

Astrology is the language of the stars! It is a living language! It is not a science, nor an art, nor a religion although is can be used in these ways. Astrology is a language of relationships: to what is above us, what is beneath us and to use in between. The heavens are above! The earth is below! And man stands between the two influenced by both. Our path on earth can become clearer if we use the heavens as a guide. Our circumstances in life can improve if we use the heavenly beings of planets as our guides. If we can live our life here on earth patterned after the heavenly relationships, then perhaps we might find heaven on earth!

When we are born we are pure potential. We are the answer to the universe at that moment of time and at that specific place. At that moment we are pure potential. Everything we are capable of or will achieve in our life is already set within us, like a dna that also includes subjective implications. The nature of the universe around us  with its light and darkness, its firm and yielding qualities, and its creative and receptive functions, presents a marvelous matrix of relativity. From this matrix we can if we so choose determine the nature of our being and its potentials. Upon observing these factors we will of course be challenged to live up to them.

The season of the year when we are born sets a quality or tone for our life, which if followed will improve both our confidence and and our capacity. There is a big difference between a wintery and a summery person!  One is cool and the other warm! Is it so? Can you observe this? The time of day when we were born presents another set of personal factors affecting our potentials and directing our destiny! One can be an outward going daylight type of person, or a subjective inwardly drawn night time person! Can you observe this? The phase of the moon is the third moist obvious factor. It affects the tides and the water in the body. Without its tides and rhythms we would probably not be able to conceive and bring a healthy child into this world. Pregnancy requires the lunar tides for healthy gestation. Our brain floats on blood (water) and is affected by the tides of the moon. Being born on a new moon or a full moon can make a very big difference in one’s feelings and sympathies.

There are two assumptions in astrology. One is that there is meaning in life. And the other is that we are part of it.  The rest is simply based on observation, relationships, discussion and understanding. In fact the very word understanding implies that one gets wise by standing under the stars and learning from them. Are you ready to learn the language of the stars?

It is a wonderful adventure! This site is just beginning and more on this subject will be forthcoming. However to find some good astrology information or to study it please go to RASA School of Astrology and look around. The class content is presented and there are some interesting articles in the library. It presents a positive standard for astrology. There is also a good home study program. Make the language of the stars your own!